The role of spatial policy in acceleration of economic growth
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The role of spatial policy in acceleration of economic growth
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Anna Romashina 
Affiliation: “Infrastructure economics Centre Limited liability company” (IEC LLC)
Address: Russian Federation
Pavel Chistyakov
Affiliation: “Infrastructure economics Centre Limited liability company” (IEC LLC)
Address: Russian Federation
Mikhail Dmitriev
Affiliation: Business Partnership “New Economic Growth”
Address: Russian Federation

The article presents the results of several research projects which were carried out in 2014-2017 and analyzed the relationships between spatial development and economic growth in Russia. The research was based on extensive sources of data on Russian firms and municipalities. The studies allowed to assess the potential of economic growth for various types of territories and to outline the policies which could unlock this potential. The findings of the research allow to formulate new approaches to spatial policy aimed at the acceleration of economic growth at the national level. These approaches assume stronger policy focus and coordination on the subfederal (territorial of municipal) level with proper consideration of economic potential of each territory.

spatial policy, urban agglomerations, migration, economic growth, scale effects
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