Social Sciences and Contemporary World is an academic interdisciplinary scholary journal.

The journal publishes articles on political science and law, economics and sociology, philosophy and history, cultural studies and psychology. Preference is given to research at the intersection of various disciplines, including the humanities and social sciences.

Among our authors and readers are those who want to go beyond narrow field publications and narrow field thinking, who are interested in universal issues and trends, who want to navigate in a wide range of modern problems, who are trying to find new, non-trivial answers to traditional and modern questions of Russian life, identify trends in modernization processes in Russia and the world.

The journal publishes articles by leading scientists in various fields, working at the institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences and in leading universities in Russia and abroad.

The journal discussed such problems as:

  • economy, society, politics, culture of Russia and other countries;
  • formation of a general scientific world view;
  • features and prospects of transformation processes;
  • interdisciplinary approach and methodology in Social Science;
  • perspectives of the human being and world civilization;
  • international relations, regional studies and modernization processes;
  • interethnic relations.


Russian Academy of Sciences


Russian Academy of Sciences



ISSN (Print) – 0869-0499

ISSN (Online) – 2712-9101



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The journal is included in the Russian Higher Attestation Commission List of peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Editorial Staff

Editor-in-ChiefAlexey Gromyko

Deputy Editor-in-Chief – Elena Ananieva

Editor – Yulia Baronina