Requirements for Manuscripts

The editorial office accepts scientific articles of no more than 40 000 characters with spaces, including references.

When submitting articles, the author should follow the rules:

A) Give the full name of the author, his/her scientific degree, affiliation and occupation, as well as the postal address of the institution and e-mail address should be indicated. An abstract and keywords in Russian are placed before the text of the article.
B) In the text, links are formatted in square brackets with the names of all authors of the cited text in italics (for example [Ivanov, Petrov, Sidorov 2016].
C) In the list of references after the text, Russian sources are given in alphabetical order first, then foreign ones. For articles and chapters of monographs, it is required to indicate the pages on which the cited work is published.
D) After the list of references under the horizontal line, the title of the work, information about the author, abstract and keywords are given in English.
E) Then the cited works should be given in the Latin script in the alphabetical order. Russian sources are given in transliteration in the Latin alphabet with an English translation in square brackets. The titles of journals are given in transliteration only.
F) In “References” in the Latin script the author should italicize: a) titles of journals; b) titles of collective monographs and collections, if a chapter or article is taken from them (the translation of the Russian monograph or collection title into English is also required in square brackets).
G) For sources such as collections of statistical data, legal acts and other documents, italics are not required.

Articles are preliminary reviewed by the editors. The editorial office may offer the author to eliminate inaccuracies and develop some aspects of the topic of the article, as well as refuse to publish the article if it does not correspond to the subject of the journal or is not formatted according to the rules above. Works pre-approved by the editors are sent for peer-review.